• Living Rooms of the Future
    See what current technology can do to make your life a whole lot better. For at home and at the office.
    The future is here. Turn your living room into your personal Movie Theater, and do it fairly inexpensively. Combine your Cable or Satellite, Netflix, Hulu, Home Stereo, Itunes, and even your computer together in one place. Give yourself access to ANY TV SHOW and MOVIE for FREE, right after you check your email and Sports scores.The best part, you can do it all from your favorite spot on the couch.

    Or even your desk at work! Impress your clients with a seamless, and effortless transition between pitch and presentation. Retrofit your lobby to display your latest promotion. Be a demonstration of professionalism with an expertise and handle on technology. Whether you are a Residential or a Business Client, you can benefit from a wireless entertainment system.

    Setting up your entertainment network has never been easier. Depending on your current hardware, you may be able to upgrade to an Entertainment Theater with very little extra equipment!

    We were able to set up the Theater featured in this article with just a Projector, Home Stereo, Refurbished Computer, and Wireless Keyboard/Combo. The hardware was all acquired for a little over $500 +Internet/Netflix Subscription

    Lets do a detailed cost breakdown of the hardware:

    Projector: Viewsonic HDMI RGB Projector // $260
    Keyboard Combo: Logitech M310 Wireless Combo // $34
    Computer: Refurbished Elo 17” All-in-One Touchscreen Computer // $160
    Cablebox: Motorolla DVR Cable box // with Service $0
    Internet Modem/Router: Motorolla Gateway // with Service $0
    Home Stereo: Refurbished Yamaha 8 Channel Home Stereo Amp // $50

    For less than the cost of a new 50” Flat Screen, you can have your own Entertainment Theater. Forget a 50 inch screen, you’ll be getting 60 to 90 inches in HD from your Digital Projector!

    Access ANY TV show or movie FREE. I’m sure you’re familiar with streaming sites like Netflix and Hulu which stream TV and Movie content for a monthly fee. Or maybe you’ve rented Movies from RedBox or Amazon Online. You don’t have to pay for this content anymore! As the Internet has grown, so has the way people watch their favorite Shows and Movies. Over the last couple years, websites have been popping-up providing free content as long as you watch a few commercials. It’s very similar to watching commercials on TV. And don’t worry, this content is completely safe and easy to use.

    Click here to check out our list of free streaming sites for TV Show, Movie, & Sports.

    These sites collect every TV show and Movie, and provide the links to you all in one place. They are a great substitute for NETFLIX or HULU, and cost absolutely nothing. Are you sick of TV playing the same old nonsense? Is Netflix truely satisfying your interests? Watch what you want to watch. Use these streaming sites a great addition to your home entertainment experience.

    Impress your guests with how effortless your entertainment center works for you. Replace that confusing remote with a Wireless keyboard/Mouse. And control every aspect of your entertainment theater all from your favorite chair.